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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fun despite the heat!

The all time record high for our area was 106 degrees. That was back in 1950-something. Well, today we broke that record with a temp reaching 107! It is H.O.T.! And the heat index is even higher than that! It makes it feel like it's between 110 and 115! We are not used to this around here. The most it usually gets is like 101, and that is rare. It usually stays in the 90's in the summer. Crazy weather we're having!

So, we decided that we would have a water balloon fight today. We wait until it was about 7pm, so that it wouldn't be as hot.

Grace really enjoyed it!

*Ignore Chris's giant Elmo shirt :p I told him to wear something he didn't mind getting wet.

Also, notice anything new???...

Yep! That's right, Grace is in panties! She hasn't had a single accident in two days now. That includes pooping in the potty! We still have to remind her to go sometimes, but she always goes! We haven't taken her out in public in panties yet, but we are going to a play date Monday, so that will be our first time. I can't believe my little girl is finally potty trained!


  1. Looks like fun! So did Grace like it?

    It has been HOT!!! I feel like I am going to die just walking into the store. :/

    And yaya Gracie! That is amazing! I hope she keeps it up!

    See you tomorrow!

  2. She was upset that we didn't have anymore balloons lol. She loved it!

    Me too! I hate heat! Bring on winter! Lol.

    She has done great! We went to a playdate today, and she didn't have a single accident!