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Saturday, June 23, 2012

My little geniuses!

Well, Grace is actually really getting the hang of pottying on her own now. She doesn't want us in the bathroom with her. Today, she said she had to go, went in and shut the door, and was in there for what seemed like forever, so Chris went to check on her, and she told him to go out lol. A few minutes later she was done, and she had pooped! She did it completely on her own! I didn't even ask her if she had to go. Then about 30 minutes later she went in there and peed on her own :) I'm so proud of her!

And Brentley is making crazy connections. The other day, Grace wanted me to color with her, so she handed me a marker. Brentley was sitting in my lap, and he grabbed it from me. I figured he was going to stick it in his mouth or something, but he put it to the paper, and started scribbling. I figured that it was just a coincidence, but he kept doing it, and he would get mad if I tried to move the paper. Then, he did it again when I was trying to make a grocery list the other day. Then today, I saw him doing it with Grace's Magna-doodle. I have never met a baby that young (even Grace) who made that connection.
Another connection I saw him make was yesterday when I was sweeping the kitchen. We have two brooms because Grace always has to help me sweep. Well, Grace laid hers down, and Brentley came over and picked it up. There was a cracker in front of him on the floor, and he started pushing it around the kitchen with the broom. He was sweeping! Lol. It was so cute!

This is his first drawing...

And here are a couple of other pictures just for cuteness :)

Grace loves to dress up. In the top pic, she's wearing one of Chris's shirts, and in the bottom pic, she is wearing her Cinderella dress. She has dress up high heals on underneath it, and she asked me to put a bow in her hair lol.


  1. It sounds like they are doing so well! And so great she will go on her own! Sam still doesn't like to be by herself in the bathroom. SO have you guys been accident free? I guess if you wait until they are ready, things go much smoother.

    As for Brentley, that is great. And I can't believe he is walking well enough to sweep already!

    Love the pics. Grace is looking so much older. :)

  2. We haven't been accident free for a full day yet :( But we have been accident free since last night, she first pooped yesterday. She didn't even pee while she was sleeping, then she peed on the potty as soon as she got up this morning, and she is in underwear now. Maybe today will be our first accident free day lol.

    I know! I still amazes me that he is walking so well. Sometimes I just sit and watch him walk because it blows my mind that he is already conquering that stage!

    They are both growing up so fast. Brentley is already starting to lose the baby look ans starting to look more like a toddler. I think I will lose it on his birthday because he is my more than likely my last baby. I'll never get to have another first birthday again :(