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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grace's birthday!!

I know, I know... her party is not for another 5 months, but I just can't help myself. I am a perfectionist, so planning it this far ahead allows me to get everything exactly right.

I decided that I wanted to do a CandyLand theme for her party. Oh, I am so excited about this!! The first thing I wanted to do was get the actual game so I could use it to go by, but I didn't want to pay full price, so I decided I would hit some yard sales... Would you know, the very first one I went to had it, and they only wanted 0.50 cents!! The box is a little beat up, but all the pieces were there and the board is in perfect condition. I'm going to get her a brand new version of the game for her birthday, but I won't be opening it.

The first idea I got from the game was to use the cards for a drawing. I'm just going to use the ones with colors on them because there are multiples of each of them. I figured I would give them out to people who have kids at her party, then put the matching ones in a bowl, and draw cards throughout the party. By the end of the party, every child will have gotten a prize. I'm thinking Hot Wheels for boys, but I'm not sure what to do for girls yet.

For another activity, I am going to have a cookie decorating station. I'm going to use my gingerbread man shaped cookie cutter to cut sugar cookies, then we'll have icing, sprinkles, M&M's, chocolate chips, etc. for the kids (and adults) to decorate with! Since this is the first birthday where she is going to have activities, I figure that is enough.

I want these invitations... they are customizable, so it will obviously be for Grace's party.

I'm going to make her cake two layers... the bottom layer will have suckers like this...

And that layer will be covered in Kit Kats like this...

Then the top tier will look like this...

Except, instead of M&M's coming out of the top, there will be a couple of spiral lollipops, a 3 candle, and the little pieces that go to the CandyLand game. I can't wait to make her cake!!

For decorations, we will have things like this...

Except, I am going to change up the ones in the last picture a bit. I am going to cover them in bright colors, then wrap them in plastic wrap like the balloons above. I have already started saving our toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I'm just going to get a couple different colors of wrapping paper and some plastic wrap from Dollar Tree to wrap them in. Cute and cheap :) We will also use the board game itself as a decoration. Plus, we will have different colored plates and cups. And I would like to make a banner for her like I did last year. 

We will also have goodie bags. I'm not sure if I want to load them with candy since it's a CandyLand party, or just put the same stuff in them as last year. I'll figure it out though.

As for presents, we already got her a Cinderella guitar because it was over 50% off. I would like to get her a child's umbrella and a brand new CandyLand game for sure. I'm not sure what else at this point.

Her party will more than likely be at the same place that we had Brentley's baby shower (and will have his birthday party), and it will be on her birthday since her birthday falls on a Saturday this year. I'm really excited to throw this party, and I think she will love it!


  1. Haha yep! I am addicted to that website, lol. I got all the ideas (except the drawing and the cookie decorating) from Pinterest.

  2. I just love all these ideas! So simple, yet so cute! And there is just so much you can do!

    That's great that you got the game on your first yardsale!

  3. And the cake is so extravagant!

  4. I love that I can make all the decorations myself and they are pretty easy and cheap to make. Also the cake will be pretty easy to decorate vs. brentley's cake.