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Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're on the potty train!

Woo hoo! Finally! Grace is getting it! She pooped on the potty for the first time the other day. I didn't think that day would come lol.
We bought her a new potty seat. She won't use the little potty. She thinks it's a toy, so she won't use it. She peed on it two different times, and both times, she realized she was peeing and jumped up. Yeah, that was a big mess, so we haven't tried to get her to use that again. We have a folding potty seat that you sit on the toilet. She uses it well, but it wasn't secure on the toilet, so she wouldn't get up there by herself and didn't want to be alone in the bathroom while on it. So yesterday, we bought her one that actually fits on the seat.

Yep, that's our toilet now :p She climbs up there whenever she wants on her own. She's been in undies all day with no accidents! She's in a diaper right now because she's napping, but as soon as she wakes up, I'm putting her undies back on. 
I think the new seat is really helping a lot. She was so excited to get it that she sat on it for about 20 minutes lol. We're keeping the folding one so we can keep it in the diaper bag (in a plastic baggie) for public places.
Here's to hoping she keeps it up!


  1. That is so great, Christina! I know you rae proud, and ready to only have one in diapers! I can't imagine dealing with diapers for two.

  2. @Brittany-lol! The last time I had 1 in diapers was when Kaedyn was 10 months old!! Right before Charleigh was born. Ellanoa is technically the only one in diapers because we still buy pull ups for Charleigh for bedtime.
    @Christina- that's how Charleigh finally started. She started off by pooig in the potty! Haha! Then pee finally followed! It's so great that she is getting t. We never had a small potty. I hated the thought of cleaning it. We gt that same cushy tushy seat inte pic and used it a handful of times but kaedyn never likes it. We also have a portable fold up one. Kaedyn does not like public restrooms so this really helps him. Plus I hate germs so it's good for me too.