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Monday, March 29, 2010

Before I was a mom...

Before I was a mom:
  • I was never concerned with how much money I spent or what I spent it for.
  • I never worried about where the closest hospital was or which hospital was the absolute best.
  • I was never certain about how I wanted to spend my day.
  • I never cared about what was on television or what kind of music was being listened to.
  • I spent my morning making sure I looked the way I wanted.
  • I went to school partially to socialize.
  • I had never known what it was like to share a room with someone, much less a bed.
  • I never drove the speed limit. .
  • I did not care how long I was out or where I went.
  • I had no idea what it was like to be friends with someone else who had a child.
  • I never thought about rather or not a person would be a good influence on a child.
  • I never wanted to get home quick. 
  • I never asked for help.
Before I was a mom:
  • I never worried about a simple cold.
  • I had never wanted to change a diaper before.
  • I had never had to soothe cries.
  • I never had to kiss a boo-boo.
  • I never cried when someone got a shot.
  • I was never concern with the temperature of water or food.
  • I never had to give someone two baths in a row because they peed in the water.
  • I never had to give someone a bath period.
  • I had never been thrown up on and did not mind.
  • I never wondered what kind of formula was best for a baby.
  • I never cried because I did not know why someone else was crying.
  • I was never concerned about making someone else look presentable.
  • I only had to make sure I was buckled in the car.
  • I never had to carry so many things with me just to go to the grocery store.
  • I never worried about whether food was nutritious enough or not.
  • I never had to go back home because we left the bottle.
  • I had never wiped a runny nose and did not mind.
  • I was never peed on.
  • I was never pooped on.
  • I never tried to get a boggie out.
  • I never stayed up all night because someone else did.
  • I had never held something until my arms fell asleep.
  • I was never woke up at night to make sure someone was breathing.
  • I never had to be quiet for nap time.
  • I never had to make sure all the supplies were stocked.
  • I never wondered where a simple scratch came from.
  • I was never concerned as to whether or not I was doing everything correct.
Before I was a mom:
  • I never looked into someone's eyes and instantly fell in love.
  • I simple grin never made me so happy.
  • I had never had a laughing contest.
  • I had never held someone in my arm so I could feel them breathing.
  • I never watched someone sleep so peacefully.
  • I had never known something could be so innocent.
  • I never thought toys could be so fun again.
  • I never knew that watching a milestone be reached would be so amazing.
  • I have never had so much pride in something I helped to create.
  • I never knew the coos would be so adorable.
  • I had no idea that I would love spending my days filled with nothing more than being a mom.
  • I did not know that she would be so beautiful.
  • I was amazed at how strong she is.
  • I never knew saying "she's not sick anymore" could bring me so much happiness.
  • I did not know that she could make her father go from a charming boy to a wonderful man.
  • I never knew I could take so many pictures and videos.
  • I did not know I could brag about something so much.
  • I had no clue my heart could feel so complete.
  • I never wanted time to freeze to keep her the way she is, but go on to see her grow at the same time.
  • I had never hugged someone as much as I hug her.
  • I did not know how wonderful it felt to come home, and see her face light up when she saw me.
  • I had no clue I could say someone's name so many times in one day.
  • I did not know how awesome it would feel to see her respond to her name.
  • I was unaware of how much I could long to hear her say "mama."
  • I did not know how much fun just going on a walk could be.
  • I had no idea what a perfect family felt like.
  • I never knew what my purpose in life was.
  • I did not know how blessed I truly was.
  • I could not imagine my life without her.
  • I never knew I would LOVE being a mommy.
  • I did not know I could love someone as much as I love my daughter Amberlee Grace Evans :)


  1. I feel you, sister. lol. All of it. lol.

  2. this is the sweetest thing ive ever read. and i could relate to everything you said in this. its amazing how a baby boy or girl brings out the best in people and makes them be a better person. [[not that there was anything wrong before]] love you both. <3