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Friday, June 7, 2013

Grace's Dance Performance!

Grace is completely done with ballet now. We decided not to do the actual recital because she was begging to go back to gymnastics, and if we did the recital, she wouldn't have been able to go back to gym.
We decided that instead of paying the numerous fees that went with the recital, we would just let her do the mall show that was the weekend before the summer session of gymnastics started.
She is currently back in gymnastics and LOVING it! But I figured I would share the video of her performance here.

They danced to Doh Wah Diddy. I think she did very well, especially since the last few weeks of class were like pulling teeth to get her to actually dance.

And, the tutu of the costume isn't connected to it, so she'll be able to wear it with other things! I'm pretty happy about that since the costume cost us $50!


  1. Awww! She did so good!!!
    I'm so glad charleigh prefers gym over dance! Haha! Those outfits are expensive!! But man are they cute!

  2. She did great. :) I am glad she is back in what she likes.