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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1890's Day

Our first summer adventure (even though it's not technically summer) was 1890's Day, which is a fair/craft show type thing our town holds every year. We met my mom and sister there.

Here the kids are watching the parade.

After the parade, we walked around for a bit, then we were planning on going home to get some rest before going back to 1890's Day a little later. As a parent, I should know by now that whatever I plan is not going to happen. Just after walking in the door, Brentley and slammed into the corner of our TV stand. He was bleeding pretty bad, so right back out the door we went to the ER.

Here he is waiting for the doctor. 
Boy, those people must have been convinced we did it to him. Two different nurses, a medical assistant, and the doctor asked us what happened. The doctor said he would need stitches if it didn't stop bleeding. Luckily, it did, so they were able to glue it instead. It's healing up quite nicely now. 

He was acting perfectly fine later in the day, so we decided to go back to 1890's Day after the sun was going down. 

Grace got to make a sandart bottle!

Here they are looking at the stars while they were waiting for the fireworks.

And here they are waiting for the fireworks.
Aside from the trip to the ER, we had a really fun day!

*I should be posting a video of Grace's dance performance soon, so keep an eye out for that one :) 

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  1. Looks like y'all had fun. :) what did Grace think about it now that she us older?

    They always suspect child abuse. So sad. Idk if it is with younger brother parents or everybody. When Sam broke her hand and we didn't know what happened, they were ready to call CPS.