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Friday, February 15, 2013

School, school, school.

School is now digging even more into my weekends. I had my first observation of this semester today, and I'll have to go the next two Fridays, as well.

I got placed in a 5th grade class. Oh my, I do NOT want to teach 5th grade! The eye rolling, and the back talking, and just general defiance. Oh, and the worksheets. There was absolutely no fun to be had in that class. It was just worksheet after worksheet after worksheet.

Don't get me wrong. The teacher was great. Very structured and organized. It's just that they have to get serious about testing because they are fixing to move to middle school. I heard her mention different standards so many times, and I was only there for four hours. And I was bored out of my mind.
I kid you not, she handed me a couple of stacks of spelling tests to grade and that was the most fun I had all day.

I would love to teach Kindergarten or 1st grade. And I could handle 2nd or 3rd. But I really do not want to teach 4th or 5th.
I was talking to the teacher at the end of the day, and I told her I didn't really want to teach 4th or 5th, and she was like, "You'll find your niche." She started talking about how she liked the independence of the older ones. That she never liked the idea of having to help with everything from shoelaces to lunch to classwork.
I have now interned in a Spec. Ed. pre-K class, a PE class (different grade levels), a 1st grade class, a 4th grade class, and a 5th grade class. The only ones I actually enjoyed were the pre-K class and the 1st grade class. I'm pretty sure I've already found my niche. I just love how eager to learn and participate they are. Plus the fact that you don't have to focus as much on testing in the lower grades. You actually have time for crafts and fun lessons and such.

Also, with the younger grades, they were so happy to have me there. They all wanted to talk to me, asking all sorts of questions and such.
With both of the older classes I've been in, they just stare at me like I have an alien sitting on my shoulder. It's so awkward. I just really don't know how to interact with pre-teens. I'm much better with younger kids. I think I could even teach high school (as long as it was a math class). Just not 4th grade through 8th grade.
Okay, I'm done blabbing lol.

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  1. Eh. That does not sound fun at all. :( I've heard they have gotten more serious about testing, but even when I was in school they talked about testing and standards a lot, and I never understood it until I got older.

    I remember when they switched to the "Core Knowledge" curriculum, they acted like it was this magical curriculum. They even had murals painted on the wall that said "Core Knowledge" on them. When I went back years later and asked about it, they said that they had changed curriculum several times since then. That was the day that I realized there is no magic curriculum.

    Anyway, enough of MY blabbing, I hope it gets better for you. I am glad that you know what grade level you want to be in though, that way you aren't spending a whole school year in a certain grade, miserable because you thought you would like that grade.