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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Judgment :(

I understand that being a teen mother brings judgment along with it, "she must be a slut." or "she must be an idiot." but I hate when people judge you on the type of mother you are when they don't even know you. I had my first real run in with this this past weekend since my daughter was born five months ago. I went to prom, and I wasn't even going to go, but my mom really wanted me to go to my senior prom, so she offered to buy my dress for me. I started crunching the numbers and figured that I would wear the shows I wore last year, not get my nails done,  and do my own make up to save as much money as possible. My fiance and I live together, so we decided all we had to pay for then was to rent his tux, and pay to get my hair done. I ended up winning a free make over through my school, so I got my hair, make-up, and nails done for free, which saved me the money of getting my hair done. We left our daughter with my mom, which we hardly ever do, and went out for the first time by our selves in over 2 months. It was a really nice night, and we got invited to go bowling afterward, so we went home and asked my mom if it would be okay because my daughter was already asleep, and she said it was fine. I kept my phone with my the whole time, in case she woke up and we needed to go home. While we were there I noticed some of the juniors from my school were there, and most of them staring at me like I was the worst person in the world.. I couldn't figure out why, but on Monday one of the girls that was with them told me that one of the girls told everyone I had a baby and that I was an awful mother for being out that late, so now they all think I am an awful mother. I have never left my daughter anywhere past 10pm, and that was also the longest I ever left her with someone. I come straight home from school (and I only go half a day) everyday to take care of her, and if I go anywhere she goes with me. The only friends I have now are other teen moms, and my fiance and none of them mind if I bring her. That is why I don't have any other friends because if they are doing something that I can't bring my daughter to I won't go.
It just really upset me that people think they can judge a person when they know nothing about them. Does this bother anyone else?


  1. Of course. I have gotten those looks for the longest time now. But, you know what, I'll talk to you about this when I see you today because I just have so much to say now. lol I'm frustrated!

  2. people have nooo idea what it's like to be in your or my shoes. and the whole reason you started this blog was to show people a first person perspective of it. you won't see these people after high school. don't let them have any effect on you. youre an amazing mom. i see it and i hear it every time i talk to you. you cant go one conversation without telling me about her. and i love that about you. high school people will not be around forever..but grace will. cayle and i love you. and we cant wait to see you soon.!.