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Friday, May 17, 2013


This is sort of a brain dump/getting out my frustrations post. 

            As you all know, I have written a novel. It started as more of a hobby, but I now have intentions of attempting to acquire an agent. Just beginning this process is proving to be difficult. I can write 324 single-spaced pages (30 chapters and over 95,000 words), but I'm having the hardest time condensing that into a hook line, which is one sentence that sums up the entire book.

            I can't seem to figure out the perfect details to include. And it must be PERFECT. This is the first thing the prospective agents will see. It must "hook" them in and make them want to read more. If it does, they will read the synopsis. And if they enjoy the synopsis, they will request anything from a chapter to the entire manuscript.

            It's not that I don't understand my novel well enough to come up with a hook line. "A seventeen-year-old girl lives in a dystopian society in which everyone has a supernatural ability and these abilities determine their worth as humans." See, I can describe it in one sentence. The problem is, I understand my novel all too well. I understand that that sentence is merely a description. There is so much more to my novel than that. Somehow, I have to come up with a sentence that reveals enough to make someone want to read it without revealing too much. I must have written a thousand hook lines by now...

"When seventeen-year-old Her Name, who lives in a dystopian society in which the worth of the citizens is determined by their supernatural abilities, learns that she is destined to take on a role of fighting in a rebellion, she must overcome her fear of the government that oppresses her and break down the barriers that prevent her from trusting those who aim to help her in order to discover what she is truly capable of." 

-(Yes, she has a name, but I'm not yet comfortable with posting it).

            I feel like this is the best one yet, but would this make any of you want to read the book? I feel like there is so much more to the book that could draw people in, but I have no idea how to fit into one sentence. I suppose I will just have to keep trying until I feel it's right.

            Even if I never get an agent or never it never gets published, I will still be glad I wrote it. Writing a novel is like reading a book in which everything happens exactly how you want it, even if you never expected it to happen that way. Trust me when I say, I have surprised myself with some of the choices the main character makes and where the story takes her.

           In all honesty though, would any of you read something like this? Be honest. I'm not afraid of criticism. 


  1. Wow. Pretty good hook line. You wrote it very well. If the book is written half as well as that, you are a very good writer.

    As you know, in all honesty, the only reason I would read that book if I found it in a store, is because you wrote it. But that is just because I don't read fiction.

    If I read fiction and was into stuff like the Hunger Games, and I read that description, I would definitely read it.

    Good Luck! Please keep me updated!

    1. I totally understand, girl. I almost put in my post that I knew you didn't like this type of book, lol.

      Thank you, though! That means a lot.

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  3. Girl I would be all over that book!!! Haha!! I would be first in line to get a copy!! I love sorties like that.... Very hunger games and Beautiful Creatures( love that series)!

    1. Thanks! Glad to know someone would be interested :)

      I've never read Beautiful Creatures or seen the movie, but I've heard it's good!

      Ever since I was a kid, I loved anything supernatural. And I've really gotten into the dystopain themed books lately. And I figured, why not try to blend them together? It has taken me about a year, but I have done it! I really like it, but I fear I may be a bit bias, lol.